Governor is a software system that supports Oversight at firms

It assists senior executives in the governance of their firms by providing them with clear sight of their obligations, understanding of the status and proof of compliance.

It enables you to:

  • Perform a gap analysis between the current state and the desired state
  • Visualize who in the firm has responsibility for which part of the compliance chain
  • Tie in your internal controls, KRIs and metrics in order to perform periodic attestation
  • Build powerful oversight solutions in order to manage internal and external review

Internal Governance is is the management framework within which decisions are made.
This decision making framework is supported by three pillars:

Governor enables you to define the structure of the regulations, frameworks and policies in your firm. It then enables you to define the people within that structure and their associated objectives and risks, and finally it enables you to  provide the relevant information to the decision makers and to record their decisions and comments. Governor enables firms to provide context automatically so that information is always relevant and set against the background of other information available to senior executives.

This results in the answers to questions like:

  • “How does this new strategy relate to the current set of policies we have in place in that business line?”
  • “How is this policy we have just reviewed actually being operated in the business?”
  • “How do we prove that we are compliant with this regulation?”
  • “How does this regulatory change affect our policies and processes?”


Advanced Tools and Techniques to enable Oversight

Governor utilises techniques that have been developed in large scale engineering projects (e.g. military aircraft design) to provide a RegTech solution.

For example:

  • Causal chains, fault trees and other process quality techniques
  • Network theory
  • Complexity Theory

Governor utilises the latest software tools like big data databases, analytical engines, modern intuitive user interfaces and mobile apps.

For example:

  • Graph Database
  • Document Store
  • Network Solver
  • IOS and Android App