Graph Talks

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Richard Pike is giving a talk at the “Graph Talks” event in London on the Tue 21 March. His talk will be entitled: Case Study: Reporting & Governance, Using Neo4j for data normalisation, aggregation and visualisation. If you would like to come along the event is free and tickets are available at Graph Talks

#RegTech Rules

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An excellent blog article from Chris Skinner about the work of the GRCTC concerning ‘unpacking’ regulations. This is great work and we at Governor as a member of the GRCTC are heavily involved. The Semantic Regulator

BCBS239 Compliance with Governor

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Banks continue to struggle with the guidance provided by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision with respect to risk data aggregation and reporting, contained in BCBS239. The Principles were designed to give banks the ability to gather and understand key risk data that is aligned with their risk tolerance and to improve risk reporting practices. According to the committee’s most …

Governor bank case study

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Mid-size European Bank dramatically improves risk governance and creates exceptional efficiency gains using Governor Software. This case study from a Governor customer provides you with an overview of the challenges, objectives and results from a recent Governor software implementation. Governor Bank Case Study 2017

Excellent paper on ERM

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A truly excellent paper has been produced by Robert Brooks of Deloitte and Tom Butler of the GRCTC (of which Governor Software is a proud member). This paper highlights the problems facing financial institutions in managing risk at an enterprise level. Chief Risk Officers (CROs) are confronted with the significant task of managing risk, due to the high degree of …

Banking agency in Europe advocates and responds on changing prudential standards

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European Banking Authority issues views on future prudential requirements and standards across the industry With the EBA having issued its detailed work programme for 2017, it has formally responded to a European review of the framework for large exposures forming part of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). Not surprisingly, it has proposed a number of changes and new measures to …

The lingering uncertainties around the timing, implications and responses to Brexit

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Spotlighting the concerns and ramifications for the financial-services industry on the UK exiting the EU A UK Government briefing paper (see HoC paper No. 07628 dated 1/1/116) has highlighted the prevailing uncertainties and significant considerations facing the industry, and especially in securing the future leading role and status of the City of London in international financing and settlement/clearing etc. As …

Lead prudential regulator in the UK sets sights on various new frameworks

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UK PRA sets its focus on progressing important prudential frameworks The UK’s banking and lead prudential regulator (PRA) has issued feedback on its initial consultation on a new ‘Pillar 2’ framework covering issues such as required disclosures and the treatment towards consolidation in regard to calculating prudential needs related to matters including relevant and eligible liabilities, overall ‘own fund’ requirements. …

A continued Board focus on cyber-crime and other data security matters

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Keeping the Board’s focus on cyber-crime and other data security matters The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has issued Q&A material to support its webinar around the overall aspects and approach to cyber-crime risk-management. This covers generic issues such as breach reporting, encryption, user-password control and management, and the current techniques and the necessary and expected due-diligence and assurance processes surrounding …