Governor awarded GRC20/20 Innovation in User Experience for Risk/Strategy Management

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A key goal of firms is to develop a mature approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) that measures and understands risk in the context of clear objectives and strategy.

GRC 20/20 Research recently researched, evaluated, and reviewed organisations that are using Governor Software in complex, distributed, and dynamic business environments.

In the context of researching Governor Software, GRC 20/20 found that organizations often take a Band-Aid approach and manage risk in disconnected silos instead of thinking of the bigger picture. Siloed processes, though effective in their own silos, are ineffective at an aggregate level, as the organization does not have a complete view of GRC in the context of the business.

In the context of researching Governor Software, GRC 20/20 found the solution enables organisations to understand, map, and monitor the complex interrelationship of risks, objectives, regulations, and metrics across an organisation. Governor Software addresses this by aggregating, integrating, and visualizing risk and performance information across an organisation within a single platform, allowing it to be managed from one central location and ultimately ensuring accountability.

The benefit of Governor’s information architecture is that it allows for flexibility in reporting and provides real-time feedback in the form of dashboards and notifications tailored for management. In summary Governor Software enables an organisation to manage risk and performance by:

  • Mapping risk, obligations, objectives, and roles – enabling organisations to visually deconstruct and map objects such as risks and regulations to visualise and show complex interrelationships.
  • Monitoring context – allowing organisations to monitor these relationships and alert when something occurs that might have a cascading impact of risk and exposure.
  • Tracking accountability – enabling an organisation to communicate and track accountability and ensure compliance and control across its business.

For more information and to download the report in full please visit

GRC 20/20 Governor Report

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