Governor Software Participating in FCA and BoE Convened TechSprint

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DUBLIN, NOVEMBER 23, 2017 Governor Software Ltd, today announced it is participating in the latest FCA and BoE convened TechSprint that will look to address the increasing challenges that financial institutions face in implementing their regulatory and compliance obligations.

The two week TechSprint commenced on the 20th November and will specifically explore the potential for model-driven machine readable regulation. The aim of the event is to bring start-ups, incumbent institutions, technology providers and academics together to discuss and design technological solutions to the challenges financial institutions face implementing their regulatory reporting obligations.

Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software, commented: “We are delighted to be participating in this FCA and BoE convened TechSprint. Identifying, digesting and responding to regulatory requirements are a minefield for the vast majority of financial institutions. This event is designed to address those challenges and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the part Governor Software can play making risk and compliance programmes accessible, consumable and actionable for senior leaders within large enterprise organisations.”

Governor Software provides its clients with the ability to deconstruct regulations, frameworks and policies into visual maps that clearly communicate the obligations that require oversight and then to be able to track the changes as they are made to the obligations. Key Indicators and assessment points provide the first line of defence in order to record compliance and areas of concern. In addition, the solution presents the status of individual and overall compliance in the structure of the original regulation, framework or policy. All of this is completed in a structured and auditable process so that review and audit becomes a lot more efficient.



About Governor Software Ltd

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Governor Software Ltd supports senior executives at financial institutions with regulatory oversight through clear visualisation of their internal and external regulatory obligations, understanding of organisational status and real-time proof of compliance. For more information please visit

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