Governor Software Limited is a company based in Ireland (contact us).

The company was founded by Richard Pike, who is a director of a number of financial services organisations and has extensive experience in the fields of risk management and risk software products.

“From my years of consulting with financial firms on their Governance, Risk & Compliance programmes I knew that there were serious issues with the way that information was being presented at senior levels in organisations. It wasn’t until I actually took up roles on the boards of large financial institutions that I realised how important these failings are in terms of governance and a person’s ability to fulfil their role on a board.

As a result of this I set out to devise a way in which information could be presented in context and based upon the risk appetite of a firm. I created Governor Software in order to put together a team of experts to work on this problem using tools and techniques from other industries and fields of research.”

The company has senior executives with key expertise in relevant fields including:

  • Senior risk expertise at major ECB regulated bank
  • Lecturer in risk at banking institute and PRMIA
  • Senior risk expertise within major engineering projects
  • Mathematics and computer professor
  • Senior executive in risk software product company